the renaissance person

I’ve been blogging, off and on, for about 8 years so far. I believe this is my fourth blog… I’m quite the blotterfly (a voracious insect that doesn’t like wet ink)

The reason I’ve created this horcrux is because I was forced to. By forced I mean Klout said I had to choose what I wanted to be known for, and I responded with “All of me!” (or something like that). I sounded nothing like the song.

I will continue to blog in my other avatar, green girl, which is for my eco-friendly pursuits and attempts. Other stuff, serious and not-so-serious, will be here. Insha’allah.

It’s interesting to me that the day I finally got down to setting this up, I came across a passage in Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries*.

excerpt elanor catton

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or the principle of Non-Attachment, it’s always nice to have a good old-fashioned coincidence pop up from time to time.

As for me being exactly like Mr Nilssen, I have to say that I am not: I do not generally give up if I can’t master something straight away. 

[Most blogging tip lists, and content marketing sites suggest putting a call to action in a post. I don’t have one this time. Feel free to insert your own call to action here]

*I’m reading this book for the next Meetup of the Dubai Bibliophiles. 




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