6 things you understand if you are a tall girl

Full disclosure- I’m not the tallest person in my family. I am one of the taller women, coming in at almost 5’6″ (an elusive centimeter keeps me at 5’5″). In the grander scheme of things, I am taller than a lot of the women I know, and some of the men as well (this is, to me, one of the small pleasures in life).

Here’s my list of Tall Girl Troubles:

1. A dress on a short girl is a shirt on you.

"I know I'm leggy, but this is a bit much"
“I know I’m leggy, but this is a bit much”

2. If you can’t play basketball, there’s something wrong with you. (I can’t play basketball, ergo…)

Ya, I don't play this way.
Ya, I don’t play this way.

3. You can never stand at the front of a class at the gym because no one will be able to see over your head. So you go to the back, from which point your instructor is just a dot with squiggles for limbs.

"so far away..."

4. Heels are a no-no. (If, like me, you don’t care for them, it’s okay.)

Heels are a no-no especially when all the boys are short.

Everyone knows that famous equation: (Tall girls + Heels) + short boys = awkward dancing


5. During peak hours in public transport, your armpit is the receptacle of shorter people’s assorted hairstyles and or shoulders.

[There are no images that can truly depict this ignominy.

A moment’s silence to remember and hurriedly forget all the uncomfortable journeys]

6. The shade is not your friend in the heat of the day. Why? Because it is shorter than you are! It’ll probably want to stand in your shadow!


"live long and *rasping breath* prosper"
“live long and *rasping breath* prosper”

(For sources: BB gifthe otter, the scissor sisters)

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