Day 3 100words100days The Life of Sebastian

You may not believe in coincidence or Fate or anything, but you have to admit that there are times when the Universe seems to be conspiring for you instead of against (or, at least, is in cahoots with itself to make you grin): I picked the Sebastian topic out of the pile last night, and what do I see as I sit down to hammer my 100 out  go on Facebook to waste a little more time before I absolutely have to figure out what I want to write today?

day3 100words

How cool is that!

And so, without further ado, today’s 214 words:

I am a crab from the West Indies. (By the way, I’m quite disappointed that our cricket team lost to India today.)

What was I saying? Ah yes- I am a crab from the West Indies and I work for King Triton, the King of the Sea. I am his trusted advisor, his right-hand crab. But there are some things that an advisor may not tell his king, some things that are best hidden inside a crab shell. Like the fact that his daughters are Sirens, who cause the deaths, or at least the ruin, of silly human men.

Ariel, his youngest child, has the most beautiful voice of them all. I should know- I too love to sing. You must have heard a couple of my songs: Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl? No? Are you some species of hermit crab?

Ariel is beautiful, and kind, and gentle- everything a princess must be. It is these qualities that hold Prince Eric in thrall. Them, and her bewitching voice. Now you know the truth- Ariel is a goddess with a power even she doesn’t realise she has.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go rid myself of my exaggerated accent. And remember: The seaweed is always greener, unless it’s dying.


I wasn’t comfortable making Ariel an android (what would Apple say!). A Siren is a little more believable.

Day 4’s prompt *drum roll please* Write a recipe for the easiest meal ever.

Yay- food!

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