Day 4 100words100days The easiest recipe ever!

While this is not, according to my friends, a “recipe”, I’m still going to post it.

Meal: tea and chappati


Tea- tea bag/ tea leaves, hot water, milk/ milk powder (to taste), sugar (to taste)

Chappati- I assume, for the purpose of this recipe, that you have bought readymade chappatis. If you would like to make your own, please Google the instructions for how to do that. I’ve never made a round roti or circular chappati in my life, so kindly do NOT ask me how it’s done. Quantity required: as many as will fill your stomach. I usually have two per meal.

Instructions: Heat chappati(s) in an oven/ a microwave/ on a frying pan.

Simultaneously, make a cup of tea.

When the tea is ready, break bite-sized pieces of the chappati and let them soak in the tea.

Voila- a really easy, fairly low-calorie breakfast or dinner.


149 words. That’s not a very high number, is it? Ah well, it’s my weekend (yes, that can be my excuse if I so wish it)

What’s coming up on Day 5 of my self-imposed challenge to write at least 100 words a day? Hmm: “Write a sales script for a hair band”

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