Day6 100words100days If Gulliver had had GPS

In today’s 226 words, Gulliver still winds up being a traveller, but only after an encounter with a mysterious box…

Ship’s log:

There is a strange device on this ship. It is like a flat box that cannot be opened, as heavy as a piece of wood of the same size. If I allow my fingers to rest on what I take to be the front, it casts its light upon my face and begins to speak to me. It tells me how to go where I want to, and can even calculate the distance betwixt me and my destination. Surely, this is some sorcery! I should denounce it, I should throw it into the deep blue sea and be done with it. And yet I cannot. I found it when I boarded the ship; it was placed in my cabin, and therefore must be meant for me alone. It has become precious to me. It is strangely bewitching, the symbols on its shining face entrancing.

A storm has begun that frightens us all greatly though we would not unman ourselves by admitting it. The magical black box has told me we are near an island called Lilliput. I would love to visit this place, perhaps to write about it. Will I ever discover unknown lands where strange and mysterious beings dwell?

(Gulliver’s ship is destroyed by the storm, and his GPS sinks to the bottom of the sea. At least he knew Lilliput was coming.)


I read a summary of GT before I wrote this. I think I should re-read the book. I probably didn’t understand most of it when I read it half a lifetime ago.

Day 7 tomorrow. A whole week already! For your enjoyment, I shall present to you a parody of the list article genre. You know the kind- 5 ways to grow a mustache, 10 things I wish I had done before I turned 27, 3 easy life hacks (WHAT is a life hack!!!), etc.

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