Day7 100words100days Write a parody of the List article

160 words parodying the list article. The question still remains: will I be able to break free from its chains and never read another?

The 7 things I have not learned from a list article:

1. To think beyond the list. I mean, come on, there must be more than THREE easy ways to do something, but I’m not really going to look for them, am I? (except for the purpose of a print-screen)


2. To use all my letters at one shot at least once in every game of WordFeud (I believe it’s called a bingo)

3. My ABC’s, 123, do re mi… (My parents took responsibility for these basics, and did a fine job)

4. The finite rules of writing a list article (They must be finite- every list article has a number in its headline)

5. Why lists need numbers

6. My Life’s Purpose

7. Why we will read things that are blatantly nonsensical in the vague hope that we will be able to derive some value from them even though we know it is futile to want the worthwhile from something that is all sparkle but has no value.


Thank you to Ann Marie and Wally for the input!

Day 8, what have you in store for my readers and me? *reads chit* LOL! Here it is: What if we didn’t have to worry about Big Brother, but about Big Sister?


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