Day8 100words100days What if we didn’t have to worry about Big Brother, but about Big Sister?

Just 109 words today. I didn’t really know where to go with this one, so I just put down a few thoughts. If they sound like they are coming from feminist.. well, they are

BigBro BigSis

I think about all the big sisters I know (including my own) and wonder how different they are from the big brothers I know.

Is Big Sister watching you? Yes, she probably is. Also, she’s probably watching out for you.

For Big Sister to be the face of the Party, society would have to be matriarchal. But would a matriarchal society spawn something like a Big Sister?

Most of the big sisters I know tend to get a little more involved in their younger siblings’ lives than the big brothers I know.

Honestly, I don’t think the gender matters in this case. Big Brother or Big Sister: I’d choose neither.


Day9: Write a letter to your future self. I’ve already done a couple of these, so let’s see how I can switch it up.


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