Day9 100words100days Write a letter to your future self

It turns out that writing to oneself is really easy- 492 words to moi! If technology still functions (meaning we don’t have any of those apocalyptic, no-tech scenarios the movies warn us about), I should re-read this in a decade and a half and see how my life turned out.

Dear Me,

Congratulations on getting your third book published! Considering I did the work, I should share the praise, but I’ll let you have this one. I hope you like what you have created. I hope it and the work that preceded it were worth writing and worth claiming authorship of. If they were, then I’m sure they are worth reading, and remembering, and passing on. (This won’t guarantee that they will sell, so please market them as best you can. Your past self thanks you on behalf of your future self for the money I hope we make.)

The family tree must have grown some by now. And lost a few branches as well. Don’t forget to update that mess of names you love so much. I hope you have a digital copy by this point. What about the friend forest? Does it fare well? It had better. The people I want to grow old with and get cats and dogs with- you’d better not have lost any of them.

Have you managed to read 100 books a year yet? Try to read work that teaches you something.

What are Dubai and Goa like? How has climate change affected them? Have you seen the tropical forest in Dubai? I wonder if thousands of years from now it will be a new source of petrol. (Neither of us will be there to see that though, so we needn’t worry our head about it.)

Does social media as I understand it still exist?

I really hope you have had a chance, and the money, to see the places you wanted to under conditions that were favorable.

Good luck for your plan to take over the world and or rid it of misogyny. And misandry. And, in general, people treating other people like objects. Whichever comes first. Also, good luck with your eco-friendly business, whatever shape it takes!

Dance at people’s weddings (and their funerals too, if it’s acceptable). Carry babies, even though they are going to pee on you. Pet dogs and cats, and watch turtles hatching and scuttling to the sea. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. If it tells you that you have been a fool, disregard it. Everyone has been a fool at some time or another. Grow vegetables and plant trees. Make preserves (preserve them properly or there will be a repeat of the Strawberry Mess of 2015). Support a football team (I hope you know the one I mean.) Speak the languages that you know even a smattering of, because, God knows, people do that with English ALL the time. Be happy, healthy, creative, confident.

One last thing: I hope you don’t watch as much TV as I do. Remember what Roald Dahl said: it melts your brains.

With all the sincerest best intentions I can muster, and a set of rose-tinted glasses (even though I do not like the color pink) in my pocket for future use,


Oh wow- this is absolutely the last thing (can’t believe I forgot to ask earlier)- do we still have The Farrel?


Obrigadinha to the Commerce people for suggestions and input, as always. And support in even these little things (which add up to all of you.) Oh dear- a 1D reference. And to the Artsies too, of course.

Tomorrow, i.e. Day 10, brings *drum roll* a description of your favourite exercise routine or class

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