Day 11 100Words100days Write a counterfactual piece around some historical event

232 words this time. As it turns out, writing counterfactual history is much harder than I anticipated. It requires a fair amount of research that I just didn’t have time to do. Today’s trouble wasn’t a question of what do I write, but where in history I begin. There are so many factors, circumstances and personalities that contribute to making a historic or historical event. If you change just one, does the whole equation change too?


It was early on the morning of the 19th of December 1961, in a sleepy little village in the north of Goa, Estado da India. The papers had just been set down in front of the newspaper shop, the headlines in Portuguese somberly declaring that Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India, had agreed to sit down with General Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, Prime Minister of Portugal, to discuss the fate of the Portuguese territories in India.

The international community had been surprised by the sudden cordiality between the two belligerent parties. They were unaware that the Governor-General of Portuguese India, Manuel Antonio Vassalo e Silva, had secretly negotiated with the Indians for months to set up the conference.

The meeting between the two leaders took place about a year later. In what would later be regarded as a landmark moment for in the movement for decolonization, Nehru suggested a gradual phasing out of Portuguese rule and the ceding of territory to India, to take place over 30 years. Salazar, after a great deal of thought, accepted the proposal. Both Nehru and Salazar grew in the estimation of the international community, because of the mature way they handled the complex problem of what to do with a few small parcels of land. Salazar did not follow this policy with the remaining Portuguese colonies because they were considerably larger.

In 1993, Goa became a part of India.


If for some reason you find this post does not conform to your personal version of patriotism, I think you are reading the wrong blog. No apologies for being Goan first.

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