Day 12 100words100days Write an article about women in stand-up comedy

More op-ed than objective piece (I really need to work on that). 194 words.


Type “Stand up comedy” in your search bar on YouTube, and it is more than likely that YT will reward you with a list of the usual suspects: Russell Peters, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah, the Achmed ventriloquist and a host of other funny, funny guys. But that’s just it. They are Funny GUYS (and I don’t think it’s only because I’ve been watching male comedians).

Where are the women in stand-up comedy? The strong, or soft, female voices that present the other half’s take on the world?

It turns out that they are there; they’re just way down on the list . Thank goodness for women like Ms. Bossypants Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and of course, Ellen, whose names do come up when discussing the funny.

What is bizarre is that female comedy is still a bit counterculture. Women are part of mainstream society. Therefore their comedy should be too. Humour has no gender.

The next time you are looking for someone to amuse you with a story about the human condition, try one of the following:

Kaneez Surka
Aditi Mittal
Radhika Vaz

Consider it part of your diversity training. LOL at that.


Thank you to Merl, MC, AMD, Mandy, Cyn and Ros for their suggestions, and to my sister and father for enduring all the comedy I shoved down their throats!

Day 13: Make a list of ways the average person can be an Earth steward

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