Day20 100Words100days Stumbling upon and past things on the Net, you discover a blog whose content resonates with you…

148 words in which I try to infuse a little optimism into the bleakness that is our world (if you read the news, you will agree that we seem to hear a lot of the bad, and not much of the good).

Tumblr account mentioned here is fictional. Perhaps someone will be inspired to create mentioned account. Author would be most grateful. And will now stop talking about herself in third person.


I know we all go through moments of blinding happiness, when we feel like the world has been the best of friends to us. I know I frequently experience this. But no one ever talks about it. Which is why it was really nice to find, quite randomly, a tumblr called The Happy Teapot.

This person- male or female, I can’t tell, nor does it matter- posts pretty regularly about things that make her/him happy. Not just content. Not just humdrum run of the mill so-this-made-me-smile posts, but real, genuine, heart-bursting-with-joy blurbs and pictures. The occasional filter, though most images are raw and untamed. You feel the positivity seeping out of every single word.

I don’t know how such riotous joy is sustainable. But I’m glad there are some people out there who want to celebrate the good in the world instead of being parasites of the bad.


Day 21: Grease from Rizzo’s point of view.

A musical, you say? Well, let us see…


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