Day 23 100words100days Write about a social issue from home in free verse.

172 words. I couldn’t pick just one topic. There’s a lot about my country that worries me.


I’m from a land that is steeped in tradition,

A tea that has gone bitter from an infusion decades too long.

A civilization that’s survived for thousands of years,

We do not seem to want to thrive as a cohesive diverse group.

We will maintain the old ways! we thunder,

Clubbing over the head those who resist.

Do not preach to me of old ways, Guruji.

Some of the old ways are done for and yet you would cling to them:

Patriarchy, religious intolerance, moral policing.

Some of the old ways are worthy and yet you pay them no mind:

A love for nature, a welcoming society eager to learn, a stewardship of a nation.

You wish desperately for us not to -air quote- ape -end air quote- the West.

But your markers of progress are all market-based, just as in the First World

You want to join .

Dear India, to conclude- you get the same remarks as the rowdy kids:

“So much potential, not enough focus.” No air quotes this time.


Day 24 Fracture a fairytale

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