Day 27 100words100days Write a summary of a match/game (cricket, football, etc.)

Of all the football games I’ve ever watched, why did I choose the 2002 QF between England and Brazil? Possibly because it is the only game that ever inspired me to write a poem (a bit of free verse I scribbled in school, and was irritated with my classmates for reading).

The 2002 World Cup was the first time I watched a game of football on my own (hear the vuvuzelas!).

This hilarious commentary from The Guardian helped refresh my memory of this particular game.

141 words


It’s 2002. The World Cup is on, the beautiful game being played in Japan and South Korea.

The group stage and first knockout stage are over and the quarter-finals have begun.

England is up against Brazil. Michael Owen puts England in the lead in the first half.

But that doesn’t last very long: Brazil, through the agency of Rivaldo, manages to equalize in the extra minutes before the half-time whistle.

And then, wonder of wonders, England rallies. You believed that, didn’t you? April Fool (in advance)!

No, England doesn’t rally. Ronaldinho scores for Brazil soon after play is resumed, and then he is sent off (for treading on someone, not for scoring the goal).

What else happens in the second half? England make a few half-hearted attempts, Scholes and Ferdinand get yellow cards, Beckham dives (apparently), England lose. Final score: Brazil 2- England 1.


Turns out this was one of England’s better performances in the last twenty years.

Also- Scolari was the coach that helped Brazil lift the World Cup for the fifth time. Just saying.

Day 28- What if Hindi were the lingua franca instead of English?

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