Day 29 100words100days Write a letter to yourself in a past life

136 words


Dear Me,

Who were you? No, don’t answer that. What’s in a name, anyway?

I think you liked the outdoors and a temperate climate. Yet, you could handle the heat too. Were you a traveller, swaying on the back of a camel, or tasting the spray of the sea as it crashed over the bow of your boat and drenched you?

I think you were someone who appreciated learning. Were you educated? A little, at least. Enough to be able to capture your soul’s poetry in ink before it vanished.

You wore clothing made from natural fabrics, didn’t you? And it wasn’t considered rebellious in your time.

I hope you were an innovator. I hope you brought change. I hope you were valued.

And if you weren’t: hey, we’ll make up for it in this lifetime!


Day30: Careers in sustainability

Serendipitous I say!

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