Day 30 100words100days Careers in sustainability

If I get a chance to study full-time again, I definitely think sustainability is something I would choose to pursue.

I recently audited a MOOC on Coursera by Lund University- Greening the economy: Lessons from Scandinavia, during which I learned a lot about the policies and practices that have come to shape the world of the future. It was, without a doubt, worth the hours I spent on it.

199 words


The UNEP has come up with the following simple definition for a green economy: “one which is low carbon,resource efficient and socially inclusive.” To paraphrase, this economy is one that the planet can sustain and that promises growth for the people of this planet.

There are quite a few possibilities open to job-seekers, all across the green spectrum from the formal qualifications-required, standards-to-be-upheld kind, to the grassroots, experience-is-the-best-teacher sort, and everything in between.

Armed with the right information, you could join a multinational company’s CSR/sustainability team and help them offset the GreenHouse Gases (GHG’s) they are producing. You could be a consultant and analyse the production processes of different products in an effort to find ways to make them more efficient for the planet. You could help companies, campuses, communities go carbon neutral.

If you are more of the hands-on kind, you could run an urban farm, or help set up alternative-energy generators. You could build cutting-edge tech out of recycled materials. Speaking of recycled materials, you could be involved in the whole wealth-out-of-waste revolution which encompasses everything

The world is waiting. For a list of  green jobs that includes facts and figures and high-quality images, go here.


Day 31: Navigating the internet for a senior citizen.

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