Day 32 100words100days Famous people (real/fictional characters) you didn’t know were (partly/fully) from your country or state.

It goes without saying that I have written about people of Goan descent.

I would have liked to have been able to write about the accomplishments of a female of Goan origin, but I couldn’t find one that met the following criterion: she must not be known widely as a Goan. This is why I couldn’t write specifically about amazing women like Lata Mangeshkar and Anjanibai Malpekar.

152 words


Tony Fernandes- alright, with a surname like that and his obviously South Asian ancestry, it isn’t hard to believe he is partly Goan. Still, there might be some people who weren’t aware that the CEO of Air Asia is of Goan origin. He is. He says so (kind of).

Goa has also given the world several amazing musicians and singers. I don’t think I need to name them: they are that well-known. There are also a whole bunch of actors and actresses (is it PC to use that word?), models and politicians in whose veins a little bit of Goa flows.

I love the fact that the current mayor of Lisbon is of Goan origin, and that the Abbe Faria in The Count of Monte Cristo is based on a Goan priest who was a hypnosis pioneer (you will follow this blog, you will follow this blog, you will follow this blog).


Happy Easter!

Day 33: Why I would like to visit ________ (fill in the blank with the name of a place)


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