Day 34 100words100days A synopsis of a book by a female author

126 words on book that deals with a topic I think is extremely relevant, especially because now is when so many people I know are getting down to the serious business of building a career and starting a family


Lean In– Sheryl Sandberg

Whether because of societal conditioning, or personal choice, women in general tend to be less assertive, less aggressive, less inclined to question the status quo. Lean In looks at how this affects women in the workplace, and the steps each woman can take to bring her career in line with all her life goals.

The book itself isn’t very long; it has just eleven chapters, each of which is written like a standalone essay (from what I remember).Of course, the ideas put forth in one chapter complement and strengthen those described in the others.

Among the more important takeaways from this book are:

-ambition is worth having, no matter what gender you are, and

-you don’t get what you don’t ask for.


Day 35: Invent a video game

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