Day 35 100words100days Invent a video game

I played Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, NFS, and a bunch of other games as a kid. That feels like decades ago (oh, wait. Just the one decade).

Gamification has become a pretty big thing now, with apps and games to make you build stuff, and farm stuff, and be eco-friendly.

Apparently, my generation aka the Millenials has a constant need for gratification and approval, and games, in which one is constantly doing something and earning points, can fill the void.

In 205 words, here’s my game concept.


How about a game in which every single thing, person, and creature has the potential to be a surprise (or a shock)?

For instance, the knight would take off his helmet and show that he is in fact a she; the dragon would be water-breathing and generous with gold; the mouse would hate cheese and laugh at cats; the poisonous fruit would in fact be healthy; the beanstalk would be the giant; the witches would be warlocks; the ghosts friendly, and the candy would not be crush-able.

You would get points by averting the shocks and collecting the surprises before they revealed themselves. Reach the end of a level and you get an extra nose (good for a couple of sniffs) so you can scent the fake.

Too many false claims – say three- and you lose a life. Game over, because you only had one to begin with. Back to the beginning with you.

It would be a great way to bust stereotypes, at the same time warning people never to be too trusting. Also a fab way to reiterate that what you see isn’t always what you get.

What would it be called? Hmm. I don’t have a name for it yet. Suggestions, anyone?


Day 36: Get the Hulk, the TMNT, and the Mask together for a networking event

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