Day 36 100words100days Get the Hulk, the TMNT, and the Mask together for a networking event

255 words.


“Hulk. Smash.” The Hulk walks around the room lifting his gigantic green arm up threateningly from time to time.

Raphael rolls his eyes, and Michelangelo sniggers. Leonardo frowns and shakes his head at them; he knows that it would not be wise to challenge the Hulk. Donatello is AWOL, probably off on a rooftop trying out the pizza-delivery drone he has been working on for Mikey.

The Mask’s eyes pop out of their sockets and roll around on the floor. He picks them up, rubs them clean and pops them back in. No one seems to notice him, which offends him greatly. He pulls a foghorn out of his sleeve, and blasts it. Everyone turns to him.

He grins. “Listen, folks,” he says, in that fake Chicago-gangster accent he loves, “Start getting to know each other better professionally, or the big green guy is gonna get real upset.”

The Hulk grimaces at The Mask. He doesn’t like being made to look like an idiot, especially when the other guy is an even bigger idiot. He lopes menacingly towards The Mask.

“Run”, whispers Leo to his brothers. They flee, as stealthily as ninja reptiles can.

With no one to stop him, The Hulk bops the grinning Mask on the head, flattening him into a green and yellow pancake.

“Ow”, groans the Mask. It will be some time before he can unroll himself from the floor and pump himself full of air again.

The Hulk leaves, content with the results of this month’s Green Team Networking Event.


Day 37: Can organic food support a world population of 9 billion?

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