Day 38 100words100days Pick a hymn and write a secular story that could have it as a theme song/soundtrack element

286 words to show my country that

1. we can work together (our famed unity in diversity. Don’t break it.)

2. women can be coaches

3. banning meat is not the answer to whatever question you are pondering

4. sportspeople are just people who play sports- sometimes they have bad days, or the circumstances are crappy.


Mohammed, Peter, and Raj were sipping some nimbu paani at the only gaddo in the village.

The big rugby game was coming up. Their coach Ronda Kom had told them to increase their protein intake but there was no meat to be had for miles around. The government had decided it had the power to control its citizens’ carnivorous behaviour.

The lads were psyched out- they knew that their opponents ate a lot of meat. They were dead sure that this would prove to be an advantage the home team could not beat.

They decided that they couldn’t just sit around waiting for a steak to fall into their laps. They went deep into the forest that bordered their village, dug a pit, and covered it with leaves.

They went home to dreams of juicy red slabs of tender meat prepared according to each one’s cultural and culinary specs.

For six days they took turns to check the pit, but with no luck. Their stomachs growled and their dreams became more vivid, with chunks of meat calling their names in singing telegram style. Finally, on the seventh day, when the rest of the team was resting up before the game, the boys found an antelope in their pit. They killed it humanely, and carried it back to the village where it was roasted on a spit. The entire team ate a portion, salting what was left for future games.

Unfortunately they still didn’t beat their opponents, because the visitors, not having had to search for food, were better prepared mentally and physically. The villagers still supported Raj, Peter and Mohammed and the rest of their team.

On the soundtrack: As the deer pants for the water


Day 39: Turquoise

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