Day 64 100words100days Write a stream-of-consciousness version of a job interview

237 words


Would it be alright if I came in bright lights ohmigod such bright lights dry scalp oh God is there dandruff in my hair there just might be May I sit down please thank you here’s my CV oh wait you don’t need it because you already have a copy sitting right there

Yes I have worked in this field before why are you asking these questions when it is all on that paper in front of you my God these lights are bright sweat trickling down my back tickling me making it hard to be serious but I need to be serious

Tell you about me Who am I Why are you asking these existential questions I am a reader a writer a thinker you don’t care what should I say I worked in a role similar to the one you want me for oh wait you won’t say you want me but you do I can see it

Should I ask for water it might make it easier to talk to you

No it wouldn’t it feels like you just have me here because you have to you already have someone else in mind don’t you don’t you

Thank you for having me I hope to hear from you soon yes an email is fine of course two weeks is not a problem I look forward to it yes thank you have a nice day


Day 65:write a Bond-type story titled ‘The Man who couldn’t stop sighing’

Day 63 100words100days Write a self-help piece

Almost 170 words


Find your catalyst for catharsis.

That is the best advice that anyone can ever give you.

Even if you do what you love (or love what you do), you are going to get stressed from time to time. Even if the people you surround yourself with are calm, balanced souls, there will be days when inner turmoil gets the better of you and them.

So sit down, or go outside, on your own, or with a group, before work or on the weekend.

Explore the avenues that make you feel more at peace with yourself. Not everyone takes to the daily diary entry, or craft, or sport. Some people need to build things, others to break them. Catharsis can come through creation or destruction.

And if one path no longer works for you, don’t hesitate to try another. Shooting paint at people no longer your thing? Try cross-stitch. Or volunteer at a charity. Read more about the kings of ancient India. Be still in a blessed space.

Whatever lets you let go of all that extra crap you pick up in the course of Life.


Day 64: Write a stream-of-consciousness version of a job interview

Day 62 100words100days Build a prophecy from a dream

Apparently all the weddings my cohort is engaging in are invading my consciousness. What else have I dreamt about recently? Driving, birds, family…

A fictionalized version of a dream I had last year, and the impending doom that could have followed it. 150-something words.


This is what I dreamt- We were in my mother’s car, and I was driving. My best friend was in the back seat, as was one of my cousins. As we were passing over the Mandovi bridge, I accidentally pulled the lever that pops the dickey. It flapped open, but we couldn’t stop to close it because- well, because it is bad road manners to stop on a bridge.

Here is what I have been told it means: I will make a choice, with you, my best friend and my cousin in mind. It won’t be a conscious one, but it will be one that I cannot reverse. And because the image of “popping the trunk” was the strongest in the dream, I think it will have something to do with popping the question.

But I don’t think it would be to you, or my best friend. And most certainly not to my cousin.


Day 63: Write a self-help piece

Day 61100 words 100 days Describe the worst meal you have ever had (fiction/non-fiction)

So easy! The worst meal is the one with karela in it.

Alright, that’s harsh. Karela tastes nice with (people reading in India, kindly avert your eyes) beef (you can look again).

Meals, as I’ve mentioned before, are so much more than just the food on your plate. Emotions, ambience- these count too.

Maybe I need to resort to fiction for this post…

200-plus words


Rani couldn’t believe her eyes. She’d worked so hard to prepare a feast for her new family, and they hadn’t offered her even a drop of praise. Instead, they barely looked at her, keeping their eyes on their plates, hands moving mechanically lifting portions of the generous helpings Rani had served them to mouths that chewed  slowly, ponderously.

Rani swore to herself that she would not forget this insult, that she would remember how they had been, right from the very start, less than eager to embrace her. They couldn’t even bring themselves to compliment food that would have been lavished with praise in her mother’s house.

At last, the time for dessert came. Her in-laws had the courtesy to say some nice things about the halwa she’d made, but Rani was still fuming. The embarrassment and rage had made it difficult for her to swallow the food she’s spent all day preparing. She’d barely tasted a morsel.

Around midnight, her stomach rumbling, she went into the kitchen to eat a proper meal. She nearly spit out the first mouthful- in her haste to make a good impression, she’d accidentally put in twice the required salt.


Day 62: Build a prophecy from a dream

Day 60 100words100days Put together a list-article

The Monty List. 118 words for the dearest blond doggie in the world.


1. The best toys are sometimes the simplest ones. Like a stick. Especially a stick you are not supposed to play with.

2. Food is amazing. And everything is food. Therefore, everything is amazing.

3. If you feed me, water me, walk me and pet me, I am yours. Here is my paw. On your foot. *pant pant*

4. I go with everything, therefore everything is my throne. See my fur fly!

5. I am forever young. It’s all in the way you run and throw yourself at people.

6.  The language that is the easiest to understand is the only way we communicate. If you think it’s love, you don’t know me. It’s food. Feed me. Here’s my paw. On your foot. Again.


Day 61: Describe the worst meal you have ever had (fiction/non-fiction)

Day 59 100words100days a DIY project I would love to try

140 words


I would like to build a house.

I know that I already have one- or, to be more precise, my parents do, and it stands on ancestral land, which means I have at least a share of it.

The house I would like to build would not be quite like the one that my parents have built, or like the room my grandparents extended. It would be more like the one that my great-grandfolks lived in- thick walls made of mud and jaggery (I think), coconut beams and rafters covered with earthen tiles. And a beaten mud floor.

It wouldn’t be very large, of course. Just big enough for a few people. One window, and one door, of whatever hardy wood I can scavenge.

Electricity courtesy a solar-powered generator.

The Goan Tiny House.

Yes, I would like that very much.


Day 60: Put together a list-article

Day 58 100words100days In another world- how men can keep themselves safe

It’s always ridiculous when you reverse gender stereotypes.

211 words


Don’t go out late at night, baba.

Don’t go anywhere alone, ah? Always go with your friends. And if any girl wants to take you to some dark place where there’s no one else around, don’t go with her. And please, you need to stop this habit of being the only boy with ten-twelve girls.

Don’t wear deep necks- the hair on your chest is an invitation to some girls to act funny with you. And don’t wear shorts, ah. People need to think you are a decent boy. Otherwise no girl from a good family will want to marry you. I know, I know- it isn’t fair. But that is the way it is.

Why you need to drink and smoke? Are you a girl? You can’t look after yourself when you are high. Some girl will try to take advantage of you. I know you think your female friends will always protect you, but don’t rely so much on them.

Don’t go to these clubs and all ah. It’s not safe. I get worried when you come home late. And don’t dance close-close with your female friends. People will get the wrong idea.

Deva bessao ghal tujear. May all the angels protect you from evil and the evil eye.


Day 59: a DIY project I would love to try

Day 57 100words100days Write a recipe for a meal using an unusual combination of ingredients

187 words


As a college kid, or someone trying to figure out what to eat when mum is attending hearings of the case that she and your father are fighting on behalf of the entire family, you need to be able to work with what you have in your pantry or meat safe or that cupboard where you hide your food from your gluttonous roomies.

Sometimes, it’s eggs and potatoes and other fairly easy-to-cook ingredients that can be turned into quick meals.

At other times you need to be ingenious.

Ever tried onion-nutella Marie-biscuit sandwiches?

It sounds disgusting, I know. Yet, somehow, the zing of the onions balances the sweetness of the chocolate spread, and the crunch of the Marie biscuits complements the crispness of the onions.

All you need are Nutella (or a substitute chocolate hazelnut spread), an onion chopped fine, and as many Marie biscuits as you are willing to consume with this unusual spread.

Slather some Nutella onto a biscuit, drop a few pieces of onion on, and place another biscuit on top.

Raise slowly to your mouth, and bite.

Let me know what you think!


Day 58: In another world- how men can keep themselves safe

Day 56 100words100days Natural remedies from my culture

138 words.

A late post because I was enjoying some time with my family far away from computers and the Internet.

Please note that this post is for illustrative purposes only, and should not be considered medical advice (this refers especially to the first remedy, since I do not have specifics for it).


For a earache:

Use a benurlem or a coito to chop a saprophyte off your mango tree (or your neighbour’s mango tree. Saprophytes are not parasites, nor do they seem to be particularly beneficial to the tree, so it won’t be missed).

Boil the saprophyte.

Allow the liquid to cool a little

Pour the still-warm liquid into the ear that is aching.

For a cold:

Wash ortelam leaves, and boil them in your tea. You can also add lemon grass, cinnamon stick and piece of ginger to make a stronger, more fragrant medicinal brew.

To regain strength after a sickness/pregnancy:

Eat a porridge made out of nachne powder (nachne is a grain that looks like quinoa, and was once a staple in Goa).

Be sure not to consume too much of this during the summer as it is very heaty.


Day 57: Write a recipe for a meal using an unusual combination of ingredients

Day 55 100words100days The view from a bridge over troubled waters

200 words! Yay!


The Zuari is one of the bigger rivers that pass through Goa. Two bridges arch over it, one for trains, the other for motor vehicles. Cross them, and you are officially in the south of the state (or the north, depending on which direction you are heading in). The motor vehicular bridge, which curves in seeming imitation of a gentle bay, is in need of repairs, and has been in need of them for close to a decade.

The river itself could do with some maintenance, as could all the waterways in the littlest state in India. And yet, in spite of the flowers, bottles, thermocol pieces, and other natural and unnatural debris floating in it, the murky water still contributes to a fairly picturesque setting. For now there are still trees and islands and splendid sunsets and brushstroke clouds. Right about now, the gulmohar trees are bursting into brilliant red, the laburnums are dripping yellow, and the river is just starting to feel the call of the changing seasons. Soon, with the onset of the monsoons, its waves will be a muddy red. For now they are a a dark enough blue to obscure the depths of the Mosquito.


For the sake of clarity- in Konkani, Zuari= mosquito.

Day 56: Natural remedies from my culture