Day 56 100words100days Natural remedies from my culture

138 words.

A late post because I was enjoying some time with my family far away from computers and the Internet.

Please note that this post is for illustrative purposes only, and should not be considered medical advice (this refers especially to the first remedy, since I do not have specifics for it).


For a earache:

Use a benurlem or a coito to chop a saprophyte off your mango tree (or your neighbour’s mango tree. Saprophytes are not parasites, nor do they seem to be particularly beneficial to the tree, so it won’t be missed).

Boil the saprophyte.

Allow the liquid to cool a little

Pour the still-warm liquid into the ear that is aching.

For a cold:

Wash ortelam leaves, and boil them in your tea. You can also add lemon grass, cinnamon stick and piece of ginger to make a stronger, more fragrant medicinal brew.

To regain strength after a sickness/pregnancy:

Eat a porridge made out of nachne powder (nachne is a grain that looks like quinoa, and was once a staple in Goa).

Be sure not to consume too much of this during the summer as it is very heaty.


Day 57: Write a recipe for a meal using an unusual combination of ingredients

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