Day 57 100words100days Write a recipe for a meal using an unusual combination of ingredients

187 words


As a college kid, or someone trying to figure out what to eat when mum is attending hearings of the case that she and your father are fighting on behalf of the entire family, you need to be able to work with what you have in your pantry or meat safe or that cupboard where you hide your food from your gluttonous roomies.

Sometimes, it’s eggs and potatoes and other fairly easy-to-cook ingredients that can be turned into quick meals.

At other times you need to be ingenious.

Ever tried onion-nutella Marie-biscuit sandwiches?

It sounds disgusting, I know. Yet, somehow, the zing of the onions balances the sweetness of the chocolate spread, and the crunch of the Marie biscuits complements the crispness of the onions.

All you need are Nutella (or a substitute chocolate hazelnut spread), an onion chopped fine, and as many Marie biscuits as you are willing to consume with this unusual spread.

Slather some Nutella onto a biscuit, drop a few pieces of onion on, and place another biscuit on top.

Raise slowly to your mouth, and bite.

Let me know what you think!


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