Day 61100 words 100 days Describe the worst meal you have ever had (fiction/non-fiction)

So easy! The worst meal is the one with karela in it.

Alright, that’s harsh. Karela tastes nice with (people reading in India, kindly avert your eyes) beef (you can look again).

Meals, as I’ve mentioned before, are so much more than just the food on your plate. Emotions, ambience- these count too.

Maybe I need to resort to fiction for this post…

200-plus words


Rani couldn’t believe her eyes. She’d worked so hard to prepare a feast for her new family, and they hadn’t offered her even a drop of praise. Instead, they barely looked at her, keeping their eyes on their plates, hands moving mechanically lifting portions of the generous helpings Rani had served them to mouths that chewed  slowly, ponderously.

Rani swore to herself that she would not forget this insult, that she would remember how they had been, right from the very start, less than eager to embrace her. They couldn’t even bring themselves to compliment food that would have been lavished with praise in her mother’s house.

At last, the time for dessert came. Her in-laws had the courtesy to say some nice things about the halwa she’d made, but Rani was still fuming. The embarrassment and rage had made it difficult for her to swallow the food she’s spent all day preparing. She’d barely tasted a morsel.

Around midnight, her stomach rumbling, she went into the kitchen to eat a proper meal. She nearly spit out the first mouthful- in her haste to make a good impression, she’d accidentally put in twice the required salt.


Day 62: Build a prophecy from a dream


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