Day 62 100words100days Build a prophecy from a dream

Apparently all the weddings my cohort is engaging in are invading my consciousness. What else have I dreamt about recently? Driving, birds, family…

A fictionalized version of a dream I had last year, and the impending doom that could have followed it. 150-something words.


This is what I dreamt- We were in my mother’s car, and I was driving. My best friend was in the back seat, as was one of my cousins. As we were passing over the Mandovi bridge, I accidentally pulled the lever that pops the dickey. It flapped open, but we couldn’t stop to close it because- well, because it is bad road manners to stop on a bridge.

Here is what I have been told it means: I will make a choice, with you, my best friend and my cousin in mind. It won’t be a conscious one, but it will be one that I cannot reverse. And because the image of “popping the trunk” was the strongest in the dream, I think it will have something to do with popping the question.

But I don’t think it would be to you, or my best friend. And most certainly not to my cousin.


Day 63: Write a self-help piece

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