Day 63 100words100days Write a self-help piece

Almost 170 words


Find your catalyst for catharsis.

That is the best advice that anyone can ever give you.

Even if you do what you love (or love what you do), you are going to get stressed from time to time. Even if the people you surround yourself with are calm, balanced souls, there will be days when inner turmoil gets the better of you and them.

So sit down, or go outside, on your own, or with a group, before work or on the weekend.

Explore the avenues that make you feel more at peace with yourself. Not everyone takes to the daily diary entry, or craft, or sport. Some people need to build things, others to break them. Catharsis can come through creation or destruction.

And if one path no longer works for you, don’t hesitate to try another. Shooting paint at people no longer your thing? Try cross-stitch. Or volunteer at a charity. Read more about the kings of ancient India. Be still in a blessed space.

Whatever lets you let go of all that extra crap you pick up in the course of Life.


Day 64: Write a stream-of-consciousness version of a job interview

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