Day 64 100words100days Write a stream-of-consciousness version of a job interview

237 words


Would it be alright if I came in bright lights ohmigod such bright lights dry scalp oh God is there dandruff in my hair there just might be May I sit down please thank you here’s my CV oh wait you don’t need it because you already have a copy sitting right there

Yes I have worked in this field before why are you asking these questions when it is all on that paper in front of you my God these lights are bright sweat trickling down my back tickling me making it hard to be serious but I need to be serious

Tell you about me Who am I Why are you asking these existential questions I am a reader a writer a thinker you don’t care what should I say I worked in a role similar to the one you want me for oh wait you won’t say you want me but you do I can see it

Should I ask for water it might make it easier to talk to you

No it wouldn’t it feels like you just have me here because you have to you already have someone else in mind don’t you don’t you

Thank you for having me I hope to hear from you soon yes an email is fine of course two weeks is not a problem I look forward to it yes thank you have a nice day


Day 65:write a Bond-type story titled ‘The Man who couldn’t stop sighing’

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