Day 65 100words 100 days: write a Bond-type story titled ‘The Man who couldn’t stop sighing’

After a bit of a hiatus so I could get into the groove at a new workplace, I’m back. With something half-Bond, half-Powers.

I thought that today would be a good day to get back to my 100 days, being the birthday of a very close friend of mine. Khuxall zolmdis MC!


“Here we go, Mr Anyrupee. This is the man I saw on the island of Ahm-ausum last week. He was talking to the Professor for the longest time. Do we have any intel on him?

“Why no, we do not. What could he possibly have been talking to the Professor about? Is there some new international conspiracy we have not been kept in the loop about? Could it be communism? Socialism? Fascism? Botulism?”

“I don’t know.” Secret Agent 047 stroked her chin, making a beard with her long fingers. “I even looked at the Professor’s Facebook profile to see if there was any mention of him, but there are just pictures of her feet and the water off the island.”

Mr Anyrupee looked intrigued. He made a mental note to check the Professor’s profile later. He did love pictures of water and feet.

Secret Agent 047 walked over to the glass wall that separated Mr Anyrupee’s corner office from the tech treasury. The scientists there were working on yet another anti-gravity device. “The only shred of information I got about him was that he was depressed about something and could not stop sighing.”

Mr Anyrupee keyed the word sigh into the search bar of the MS Access file he’d created when he joined the agency. He gasped when a result finally popped up on his screen.

“Agent oh four seven- that man is the double agent Silent Cyrus. Quick- take that very expensive amphibious car and go find him.”

A few fight sequences and a bomb threat later, Secret agent 047 had bedded Silent Cyrus and brought him in to justice.


Day 66: Write an educational piece for a tween/teenager


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