Day 66 100words100days Write an educational piece for a tween/teenager

193 words that no teen/tween is going to take seriously, even though the advice is sound.

Remember how when people older than you said you should enjoy being a kid and you scoffed? And how now you sometimes wish you could be a kid again? Advice that you spurned = lesson you learned, eh?

I took educational to mean “intended or serving to educate or enlighten.”


Don’t let your light be dimmed by someone else’s clouds.

No, seriously.

You don’t need to make yourself feel small so that others may feel big, or even adequate.

That’s not to say that you should try to make others feel small. Find the balance between valuing yourself and valuing others.

Why do you need to do this? Isn’t modesty a good policy?, you ask. Yes, it is. So is self-confidence.

Remember that what you tell yourself often enough eventually becomes true. Saying you aren’t smart enough to ace a test, or athletic enough to play on a team, or passionate enough to be a vehicle for change – saying these things too often will make them true. Maybe not today or this year, but in the future – perhaps a decade from now – you will find that you created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No matter how hard it is, believe in yourself. Take other people’s comments and criticisms under advisement, because there might be some grains of truth you can work on in what they have to say.

Just- don’t let them rain on your parade. And make sure you don’t rain on it either.


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