The 18th March Project – Post 10

There are probably 5 kinds of people who come for Zumba, or the other dance workout classes:

  • The dancer

This person is there to pick up new choreography. S/he moves really well, is graceful, fluid, and a wonder to behold. S/he makes you wish you could move like him/her, pick up steps so easily, put your own spin on a step and really OWN it. This person can usually be found at the front of the class. S/he is usually dressed to impress, with the appropriate branding on his/her clothing and is aware of his/her superiority on the dance floor. Some dancers will move around the class following the instructor. They like to be at the front of the class with an unobstructed view of the instructor.

  • The poser

This person wants to watch him/herself for the duration of the class. S/he thrusts, pouts, gyrates, sashays, and shimmies, with eyes for only one person –him/herself. There’s no one quite so sexy (in his/her eyes). The poser may or may not, in actual fact, be a good dancer. The split seems to be about even. S/he will always be found facing the mirror. If the class isn’t also looking at the mirror, the poser may be caught frequently checking him/herself out, even when the song/step does not call for a sexy, over-the-shoulder look.

  • The hopelessly left-footed

This person just wants to dance and have fun, even though his/her muscle  coordination is quite poor. S/he doesn’t care, quite confidently grooving along to the song, unintentionally creating new routines. Her/his enthusiasm is infectious, and you can’t help smiling broadly as s/he attempts popping and locking, or a twirl. When dancing next to this person, it’s best to give her/him a wide berth to avoid any accidental collisions.

  • The mediocre mover

This person tries, but not too hard. We know we’ll never be as good as the dancer, and we know we’re nowhere near as bad as the left-footed. Can be found at the back or sides of the class. We don’t want to be watched, and we care what people think about our dancing skills.

  • The gym buff

The athletic person, usually male, who swaggers into class with a derisive smile, because he thinks it’s going to be a cakewalk for someone as fit as him. Usually the gym buff cannot keep up. Proof that there are different kinds of fitness. The gym buff may be found wearing figure-hugging athletic wear and might have ankle weights on.

2 thoughts on “The 18th March Project – Post 10

  1. I like that you used both pronouns in this post. There are some of us males, who like to Zumba. I guess that I would fall under the mediocre mover, but I like to be in the front of the class because it is easier to pick up the moves there.


    • I think it’s great that people move, irrespective of whether they’re good at it or not!
      A fellow mediocre-mover, I don’t like to stand at the front of the class because I’m taller than many of the others who attend with me.
      Keep at it!


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