The 18th March Project – Post 13

Being a younger sibling means

  • Learning when you should fight back – it’s all about picking your battles
  • Retaliating every time your elder sibling tries to tell you what to do
  • Wearing hand-me-downs
  • Being compared to your older sibling
  • Being known as so-and-so’s little sister
  • Having people forget your name and use your sibling’s name instead
  • Feeling underappreciated
  • Being born knowing how to share- we never had a time when anything was all ours and ours alone
  • Being the smaller one in a physical fight (sadly, some of us never outgrow that)
  • Being expected to respect the elder sibling, even by people who are not part of your inner circle
  • Trying, and failing, to explain why it’s such a pain in the ass to be the younger one

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