Day19 100words100days Write a how-to for kids

How useful it is to have an elder sibling! There is much wisdom to be gained from dealing with one. (Which must mean that the more elder siblings one has, the wiser one ought to be).

274 words written with my not-so-wee-any-longer cousins in mind. Much love! And please don’t tell your parents I told you to do this!


How to borrow your siblings’ books without them finding out

Drawing on my own extensive experience, and several failed attempts at this during my childhood, I have put together this little set of instructions. Please remember that this manual deals with physical books only. Do not try this with an e-reader of any sort! I will not be held responsible for the whacking you get.

We begin with the easy part which is getting the book. I can only hope you usually ask your brothers or sisters if you can borrow their books. Sometimes they aren’t home, or they are busy doing something very important. It is at times like these that you cannot ask them for their permission (because you know they will just scream at you anyway).

Take the book from wherever it is. If you can’t finish reading it at one go, make sure you put it back before they notice, and then borrow it again, and return it, and so on, until you finish reading it.

Never do any of the following:

– Lend the book to someone else (if it gets lost, you will have to answer to your sibling.)

– Put the book back in the wrong spot (they know, trust me.)

– Spill anything on the book (no tea, coffee, chocolate, curry, etc. Water might go unnoticed, because it dries up. But sometimes it leaves a wrinkly watermark. Be careful.)

– Tear any pages, or mark any words or passages (unless you want to get caught.)

– Bring the book up in a conversation with the sibling you “borrowed” it from (their eyes will narrow and they will stare at you suspiciously.)


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