The 18th March Project – Post 9

Reasons I’m glad I moved to Dubai:

  1. I got to travel to four different countries for work – Malaysia, Singapore, Portugal, and Denmark
  2. I’ve been able to travel to one other country (so far – more to come) on a holiday, with relative ease
  3. I’ve made more money here than I might have made in India (‘more’ is relative. It’s the exchange rate that makes it seem like more.)
  4. I have some family and friends here
  5. When I don’t want to see any of them, I can withdraw almost completely from society (‘almost’ because I can never be on my own for long periods of time. I live with my sister)
  6. This is a safe emirate in a safe country.
  7. This is a tolerant country in a region that has many extremists.
  8. I get to sample different cuisines ( in preparation for when I go to the countries to which those cuisines belong)
  9. Labour law in the UAE is more employee friendly than it is in several other countries (including Singapore, if their sick leave policy is anything to go by.)
  10. Public transport is better here than it is in Goa