Day 48 100words100days Prompt- broken scissors

198 words.


I lifted the scissors to my hair. It had begun to grow like wires bent in awkward and untameable directions had been stuck into my dry dry scalp. Disastrous!

I wished there was someone I could blame for the state of my tresses, or someone I could beg to restore my hair to its former luxuriant glory. But there was no one responsible except me, a fact I had somewhat grudgingly accepted.

I had always loved the sound of scissors snipping though hair. Now, I hesitated, unsure about the extreme vanity that was making me lop of most of the fuzz that covered my head.

Start small, I told myself. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, pulled a few strands taut, and gingerly edged the twin blades shut on them. I heard a snap, and felt a shudder in my hand, and a pain in my foot. Obviously, this made me open my eyes.

What I saw made me raise an eyebrow: the scissors were broken, and one blade lay next to my foot, which had a red patch where the blade had struck it.

It appears that my hair can never be cut again. Fan-freakin-tastic!


Day 49: Does gender matter? A series of tweets


Day 47 100words100days Make the Men in Black an organisation committed to gender equality

106 words


First order of business: change the name of the organisation to something gender neutral, like People in Black, or Agents in Black. Does it have to be monosyllabic words? Peeps in Black?

Next: put a woman at the head of the organisation (accomplished in the third installment).

Third: recruit more female agents. Half the alphabet can be assigned to women, can’t it? There could even be an agent Double X.

Fourth: have the intergalactic defenders assist some female heads of state (or bugs of state or whatever), because Orion isn’t the only one with a belt.

Fifth: Battle more female villains, and have more female informers.


Day 48: Prompt- broken scissors

Day 46 100words100days Favourite character from children’s lit.: Anne Shirley, her final days

240 words. Writing this was not easy. I love Anne Shirley, and even though I’ve read nearly everything she appears in, to me she is still the orphan at the train station clutching her carpetbag suitcase, eager to be. Her death- well, I’m glad L.M. Montgomery never wrote that. If she had it would have made it real. Do you have a favorite fictional character you couldn’t bear to have die?


It is a comfort that my life did not turn out to be quite the tragedy that I wanted it to be when I was a child. Such a flair for the dramatic as I had.

It has had its ups and downs, some beautiful moments filled with hope and happiness, and some bitter moments that nearly crushed my soul.

I’m so sorry to leave you, Gilbert. I see you standing by my bed, doing your best to look encouraging. Such a handsome man, though your curls are no longer dark. You mouth “Carrots”, and I try to smile. We’ve grown old together. I never would have guessed it were possible. I’ve been happy with you, Dr. Blythe. I can only pray that such long periods of domestic bliss are in the store for our children and grandchildren. I see them standing around too. My little kindred spirits. I have tried to do right by you always.

Goodness, how different the world is now from the one I came into. So many people gone, so much change wrought upon the unsuspecting.

I’m going to see Walter soon, and our baby girl. And my parents, and Marilla and Matthew. And Diana, and Ruby, and so many other friends and loved ones. It will be a homecoming designed by Providence.

Dear God, and dear mes in the mirror, thank You for being there for me. I hope Heaven is just like PEI.


Day 47: Make the Men in Black an organisation committed to gender equality.

Day 43 100words100days Stream of consciousness of an author with writer’s block

194 words. Not quite so tortured as they should have been, but reasonably accurate (in my subjective opinion)


crap crap crap crap crapcrapccrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap

I’m so glad I don’t do this for a living OMG how can i even say that? i want to do this i want to i need to oh dear lord why won’t anything come into my head sit in front of the page they said write they said and now there is nothing and the idea has fled blown out of my head like so much dust God this place needs to be cleaned look how dirty it is where is that cloth

no. NO! no procrastinating. write now. NOW dammit!

Maybe just a little fb time first? NOOOOOnonononononononono

sigh. like psychedelic mary. bleeding heart because I cannot protect what I love

Wait. What????

MUST. WRITE. should totally make a sign that says that in like a curly cool handwriting-y font.

Research! yes, saving grace. I shall do some research. the follies of men inspire and the follies of women too.

Moliere. follies and misanthropy and men and women.

That plant needs to be watered.



write dammit. there once was a beautiful princess  dear god what nonsense is this?

Forget it. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Day 44: write a how-not-to, such as How not to become a bridesmaid

Day 42 100words100days The autobiography of dust

111 words (a Nelson)


I don’t have a single unified, uniform identity. I’m not from just one place or one time or one people. I am the leavings of the earth, and the ends of people and animals and plants. I am the same as I was when dinosaurs roamed the planet, and I am completely different. I am natural and man-made, radioactive and quintessential.

I swirl, I scatter, I blind, I shimmer. I rise above and obscure. I dirty.

I am a gigantic cloud and a miniscule mote. A speck of me in your eye and you are incapacitated. A whoosh of me at your face and your lungs cannot cope.

I am Dust.


Day 43: Stream of consciousness of an author with writer’s block

Day 36 100words100days Get the Hulk, the TMNT, and the Mask together for a networking event

255 words.


“Hulk. Smash.” The Hulk walks around the room lifting his gigantic green arm up threateningly from time to time.

Raphael rolls his eyes, and Michelangelo sniggers. Leonardo frowns and shakes his head at them; he knows that it would not be wise to challenge the Hulk. Donatello is AWOL, probably off on a rooftop trying out the pizza-delivery drone he has been working on for Mikey.

The Mask’s eyes pop out of their sockets and roll around on the floor. He picks them up, rubs them clean and pops them back in. No one seems to notice him, which offends him greatly. He pulls a foghorn out of his sleeve, and blasts it. Everyone turns to him.

He grins. “Listen, folks,” he says, in that fake Chicago-gangster accent he loves, “Start getting to know each other better professionally, or the big green guy is gonna get real upset.”

The Hulk grimaces at The Mask. He doesn’t like being made to look like an idiot, especially when the other guy is an even bigger idiot. He lopes menacingly towards The Mask.

“Run”, whispers Leo to his brothers. They flee, as stealthily as ninja reptiles can.

With no one to stop him, The Hulk bops the grinning Mask on the head, flattening him into a green and yellow pancake.

“Ow”, groans the Mask. It will be some time before he can unroll himself from the floor and pump himself full of air again.

The Hulk leaves, content with the results of this month’s Green Team Networking Event.


Day 37: Can organic food support a world population of 9 billion?

Day 32 100words100days Famous people (real/fictional characters) you didn’t know were (partly/fully) from your country or state.

It goes without saying that I have written about people of Goan descent.

I would have liked to have been able to write about the accomplishments of a female of Goan origin, but I couldn’t find one that met the following criterion: she must not be known widely as a Goan. This is why I couldn’t write specifically about amazing women like Lata Mangeshkar and Anjanibai Malpekar.

152 words


Tony Fernandes- alright, with a surname like that and his obviously South Asian ancestry, it isn’t hard to believe he is partly Goan. Still, there might be some people who weren’t aware that the CEO of Air Asia is of Goan origin. He is. He says so (kind of).

Goa has also given the world several amazing musicians and singers. I don’t think I need to name them: they are that well-known. There are also a whole bunch of actors and actresses (is it PC to use that word?), models and politicians in whose veins a little bit of Goa flows.

I love the fact that the current mayor of Lisbon is of Goan origin, and that the Abbe Faria in The Count of Monte Cristo is based on a Goan priest who was a hypnosis pioneer (you will follow this blog, you will follow this blog, you will follow this blog).


Happy Easter!

Day 33: Why I would like to visit ________ (fill in the blank with the name of a place)

Day 29 100words100days Write a letter to yourself in a past life

136 words


Dear Me,

Who were you? No, don’t answer that. What’s in a name, anyway?

I think you liked the outdoors and a temperate climate. Yet, you could handle the heat too. Were you a traveller, swaying on the back of a camel, or tasting the spray of the sea as it crashed over the bow of your boat and drenched you?

I think you were someone who appreciated learning. Were you educated? A little, at least. Enough to be able to capture your soul’s poetry in ink before it vanished.

You wore clothing made from natural fabrics, didn’t you? And it wasn’t considered rebellious in your time.

I hope you were an innovator. I hope you brought change. I hope you were valued.

And if you weren’t: hey, we’ll make up for it in this lifetime!


Day30: Careers in sustainability

Serendipitous I say!

Day 28 100words100days What if Hindi were the lingua franca instead of English?

400 words, almost all of them my own. Thank you Ann May and Marv for your suggestions, whether or not I used them.


If Hindi were the lingua franca, I’d be writing this post in Devnagri script. I could do that even now, but most people would not be able to read it. I’m considerate that way.

If Hindi were the lingua franca, schools would start teaching English late, and make it optional, and Hindi would be the medium of instruction everywhere. Words starting with W would not be common since Devnagri does not have a letter to represent that particular sound. Watt would be Vatt, the West would be the Vest, Wales would be Vales… you get the drift. Of course these changes in pronunciation would occur only if Hindi speakers deigned to use English.

Goans would not be considered weak at Hindi, and would all speak it as fluently as they do Konkani/English.

Nationals of Western countries would find it very hard to get jobs in the almighty East and Middle East, because employers would not believe that their first language could be Hindi, even if they grew up in a place that was primarily populated by Hindi-speaking peoples (reverse racism isn’t nice, is it?).

The people of the subcontinent would be content to communicate in Hindi and their regional languages and would not take the trouble to learn the ‘exotic’ languages of Europe.

To wish people on their birthdays, you would probably say janamdin ki shubhkaamnayein.

Shaktimaan and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi would be as popular worldwide as Heroes and The Bold and the Beautiful.

All the scientists in The Big Bang Theory would be subcontinental except for the token white immigrant.

Bollywood would be even bigger than it is. The aam aadmi still wouldn’t know Shahrukh Khan (to answer the question that everybody wants to ask). In fact the mango man (inside joke: please like if you got it) would be even less likely to interact with the stars because there would be billions more throwing vorldvide themselves at them.

Slumdog Millionaire, on the other hand, would not have created quite so much buzz.

Some hypotheticals I can’t take credit for: India would be a superpower, the INR (Indian Rupee, for those who don’t know) would be the currency against which all other currencies would be measured – only to fall woefully short, and people would migrate to India in search of the Bharatiya Sapna (Google’s translation of Indian Dream. I do not accept responsibility for its accuracy).


Day 29: Write a letter to yourself in a past life.

Day 26 100words100days Build your own superhero(ine)

I couldn’t decide whether to make the superperson male or female. Then I thought- it doesn’t matter.

460 words.


You don’t need to know my name. I can leap from tall buildings and soar through the sky, I can lift at least ten times my own weight, and I am brilliant. I have trained hard, studied harder and I have access to some fairly innovative tech, though I’m nowhere as cool in that respect as Iron Man.

Am I sexy? Do I have flowing locks or a transfixing stare or a ripped body? Am I black or white or somewhere in between? Am I rich or poor or middle-class? It doesn’t matter.

I can quote Shakespeare (whom I am not particularly fond of) and Rumi and Dickinson (Emily, for those who don’t know) and Angelou, while stopping criminal acts as they happen. (Often, the quotes are enough to make the perpetrators run away. Uncouth individuals!)

I can deliver a back kick that is a powerful deterrent to any future misdemeanours, and a graceful yet mighty uppercut.

My secret weapon is my long braid. It functions as a whip, or a lasso, or whatever else I can fashion out of it at a moment’s notice. (Yes, I use an amazing shampoo and conditioner, which shall remain secret like the KFC sauce mix. I also credit my weekly hot-oil scalp massage for the strength of my braid.)

Because of my ‘four eyes’, I also have the ability to discern when a person is making a mistake out of desperation, and when the cause of a crime is greed. Guess which one gets the harsher punishment.

And if you really piss me off, I will throw whatever I have in my hands at you, whether a basketball or a pair of knitting needles, with deadly accuracy.

What’s my back story? I’m no tortured soul a la Bruce Wayne, no experiment a la Bruce Banner, no demi-goddess a la Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman). I’m just a human being who saw things going wrong in the world and decided to right them.

I make mistakes, but I can honestly say that I get things right more often than I get them wrong. I have days when I am so eaten up by remorse, or bruised by combat with a villain, that I can’t move forward, or go to my day job. My bosses are cool: they call these ‘duvet days’.

My costume depends on the season. I believe in dressing for comfort, so none of that skin-tight leather nonsense for me. Being aerodynamic is important; being able to breathe even more so. I favour greens, blues, and browns. There are no letters on my clothing to proclaim who I am, because really, I’m Every Person. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo that says that.

Join me in the fight for a better world.


Thank you Commerce folk for your input (braid, basketball, nature)

Day 27: Write a summary of a match/game (cricket, football, etc.)