Day 22 100words100days Come up with 10-20 metaphors/similes/sayings about anger

I think I sometimes set myself unnecessary and strange tasks. This one was a way to stretch the imagination. 115 words.

Which one(s) resonate(s) with you?


Anger is a storm, with raging thunder and flashes of light. It can cause serious damage, it creates a lot of noise, and occasionally it brings snappy inspiration.

Anger is like a set of blinders on a horse: it limits your vision.

Anger is the sum of all events that precede it.

Anger is misdirected passion.

Anger is a misfiring neuron.

Anger is like a rainbow: it comes in many shades.

Anger is a boil on the back of your leg. You don’t see it grow, but man, can it make your life miserable!

Anger is personal.

Anger is loss and pain rolled into a tiny, heavy, pulsating spheroid.

Anger is a catalyst for change.


Day 23: Write about a social issue from home in free verse.