The 18th March Project – Post 24

To my younger brother

A year ago, you asked me for a birthday present – I was to write every day, and publish something on my blog twice a month.

Because of you, I’ve spent time on hammering sentences together, more time in fact than I had in previous years. And I don’t plan on stopping now that I’ve begun (also, there’s our new agreement that basically means I can’t stop). Shows the power of a social contract, huh?

You often say that you belong to the Dark Side, that you are an ass, that you are not a good person. Honestly, I don’t understand that, and I sure as helvede don’t believe it. Yes, you have your moments when I want to smack you because you are taunting someone more than necessary. That hardly makes you a bad person. Perhaps that’s just the façade you throw up because you don’t want people to see you for the big softie you are (oh no, the secret’s out!).

I’m not going to praise you, because I know it will go to your head. Just know that I’m glad to be your big sister, whether the difference between us is 4 months, or 4 years, or 40 million light years. You are one of the reasons I don’t believe that men and women mature mentally at different rates – you’re almost on par with me, haha!

Here’s to many more years of educating each other, of helping each other be better, of forcing society to see the possibility and worth of platonic relationships between men and women, of being part of the fight to make the world a better place.

Here’s also to secrets – the keeping and revealing of them, to social gatherings that we may or may not remember, to exploring whatever we can of our surroundings while we still can.

Here’s to adding decades to the half decade we’ve known each other, to dancing at all the big functions (they don’t only have to be weddings), to synchronously rolling our eyes at other people’s stupidity, to more chivda, and chakna, and bibimbap, to funny misunderstandings about shower gel, fingers, and haste-haste, to assembling furniture, to giving credit –sparingly – when it is due, to paying for each other’s food and drinks, to long walks, and to arguments about presents.

Happy 30th birthday, Bhai.

May all your dreams come true, and all your plans be fulfilled, and may you find your pot of gold.

Day 54 100 words 100 days Prompt- gender stereotypes

123 words. A collection of some stereotypes that I personally think the world could do without.

Strength and weakness do not depend on your gender, nor do how good or evil you are, or how smart or stupid.

And yes, males also deal with stereotypes. Stating that doesn’t make me any less of a feminist.


Men don’t cry. Women get hysterical.

You throw like a girl.

She’s just one of the guys = She is totally cool.

Boys don’t wear pink. Or any other interesting color or print. They only wear blues, drabs, camouflage, checks, stripes.

If you make yourself look pretty maybe some nice boy will like you. If not… well, doesn’t every girl dream of a big white wedding?

Oh, you have only two daughters? No son? *puppy dog sad face*

Only boys should have muscles. Girls with muscles are gross.

Anyway, why do you need to study? Your husband will be the one working.

You need to man up and get a job. You can’t let your wife work.

Hahahahahahaha! You got hit by a girl!


Day 55: The view from a bridge over troubled waters

Day 49 100words100days Does gender matter? A series of tweets

143 words


1/6 Gender does matter to some people. That can’t be helped. The real question should be does it have to matter. I don’t think it should

2/6 except when a certain set of biological functions is necessary to perform a certain job, or for a certain skill. For instance, males can

3/6 lift heavier items than females can- generally speaking. Women can bear children. But does that make either one better at painting a wall, cooking a meal

4/6 or caring for a weaker member of the tribe? I don’t think so. My gender should not determine how I interact with others

5/6 or how they interact with me, how I do my job, or how I am perceived when doing my job. Male or female doesn’t matter. I’m a capable

6/6 person who can develop whatever skills I choose to. And that is where I drop the mic.


Day 50 *gasp* : write directions on how to repurpose something

Day 47 100words100days Make the Men in Black an organisation committed to gender equality

106 words


First order of business: change the name of the organisation to something gender neutral, like People in Black, or Agents in Black. Does it have to be monosyllabic words? Peeps in Black?

Next: put a woman at the head of the organisation (accomplished in the third installment).

Third: recruit more female agents. Half the alphabet can be assigned to women, can’t it? There could even be an agent Double X.

Fourth: have the intergalactic defenders assist some female heads of state (or bugs of state or whatever), because Orion isn’t the only one with a belt.

Fifth: Battle more female villains, and have more female informers.


Day 48: Prompt- broken scissors