Day 18 100words100days A conversation between a noun and a pronoun

A little dark grammar humour. 116 words of it.


Noun had had enough of Pronoun’s emphasis on itself.  “You wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for me!” it screamed.

Pronoun looked nonchalantly at Noun. “And you would not be able to refer to yourself if it weren’t for me”, it responded.

Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition and Conjunction thought it would be best if they left what had become a very awkward Parts of Speech meeting. They inched toward the door.

“Don’t move”, said Pronoun coldly. “Noun is the one who should leave. We don’t need it. What good is a precedent, anyway?”

Noun scrunched up its face. “Fine! Let us- We’ll- ARGH! See how this group functions without me!”

Pronoun smirked. “That’s exactly what we’ll do.”


Pronoun sounds evil. Noun’s a bit of  a drama royal. You’d think Verb would get involved, being an action word and all. English grammar and all its exceptions, I tell you.

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