Day 33 100words100days Why I would like to visit ________ (fill in the blank with the name of a place)

379 words. This was an easy one!

[Commerce people- perhaps we shall visit the places you suggested someday. But only if we plan properly and stick to the plan!

Steph, AnnMay and I owe you a road trip. I state it publicly.]


If truth be told, I would like to visit nearly every single country, nearly every single region, nearly every single altitude and tourist attraction and locals’ haunt this world has to offer. I say ‘nearly’ because there are some places I know I would not be comfortable going to, whether on my own or with company.

I don’t currently have the resources to travel the world, but I’m working on that.

In the meantime, I would be very happy if I got a chance to visit these places:

1. Ireland

First up has to be the Emerald Isle. Anyone who has known me for the last decade and a half knows that I want to go there. I have many reasons for wanting this, including but not limited to:

– the fact that my first name is Irish Gaelic.

– Stephen Gately of Boyzone (may he rest in peace) was Irish.

– leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, the Blarney stone.

– Yeats, Wilde, Swift, and Shaw, and all the others who seem to possess a lyrical genius that Ibe found in the thin places on that island

– the green green

– the history of the island, and its people

(To any Irish person who might read this: I apologise if I sound much too dreamy-eyed about your country. I know that I see it incompletely, as would anyone who is not a native or a long-term resident. I can only hope that Ireland lives up to my expectations, because if it doesn’t I would be more than sorely disappointed)

2. Mombasa

My mother spent the better part of her childhood in East Africa. I would love to go back to the city where she went to school and began to figure out the world around her. I would love to see where my great-grandparents lived and worked, and where my grandparent set up their third home as expats (Bombay and Karachi were the other places they lived in). And I would love it if that could be a family trip. I think Mum would like that.

Oh, and Kiswahili. It is an interesting language.

Those are the two places that up topmost on my list. Also on the list are places in India and neighbouring countries which I would love to travel to with my friends and or family.


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