Day 71 100words100days Write about one religious topic ( but not a controversial one)

Ramadan Kareem.

In case you aren’t aware, today is the first day of the lunar month of Ramadan during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. It ends with Eid al Fitr, which falls around mid-July this year.

Fasting seems to be an important part of the three major religions: many Christians observe Lent, which is followed by the celebration of Easter, and many Hindus observe Shravan, which ends, in Goa, with the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.

The reasons for fasting are numerous: to obtain blessings, to expiate sins, to discipline the body and mind, to respect resources whether scanty or plentiful, to build communities by bringing people together and reducing distractions.

Each religion has a set of requirements for its adherents to follow: Catholics refrain from eating meat during Lent, Muslims do not eat during hours of daylight, Hindus stay away from fish, chicken, and eggs.

Each religion also has certain groups who won’t follow all the rules, just some of them. (For instance, I don’t give up meat during Lent, because I rarely eat it anyway. Instead it’s chocolate or Facebook time, or something else that isn’t really necessary for my survival.)

People who are fasting are also encouraged to pray more.

And there I shall end before I say something that can be misconstrued as being non-PC.


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