Day14 100words100days Write a sonnet or two

I cannot lie- this was tough. So tough that my brain decided it needed a day to process, which is why this post is a day overdue.

Phewy- 113 words that fit into a more-or-less pre-determined structure. I ended up using the Shakespearean sonnet’s rhyme structure (abab, cdcd, efef, gg). Determining feet was not my strongest takeaway from college, so it is possible I didn’t get the iambic pentameter quite right. I did try to have one perspective in the octet and the contrasting view in the sextet.

I am painfully aware that some of the rhymes are forced. Forgive me: it has been many moons since I last attempted structured poetry.

Read, but please don’t weep.

On days when I have nothing else to do

And e’en on days when I should know better

I find myself logging in to Facebook

And Instagram, and YouTube, and Twitter.

I let my soul be barraged by news feeds

And I feel pressured to like lots of posts.

My mind is cluttered with all that I read.

My eyes roll and throw daggers at each boast.

Social Media is a good way to know:

About those ideas that are worth spreading,

When babies I know have started to grow,

About memes that are currently trending,

When people I’m fond of are doing well ,

And with which of them I can be myself.


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