Day 26 100words100days Build your own superhero(ine)

I couldn’t decide whether to make the superperson male or female. Then I thought- it doesn’t matter.

460 words.


You don’t need to know my name. I can leap from tall buildings and soar through the sky, I can lift at least ten times my own weight, and I am brilliant. I have trained hard, studied harder and I have access to some fairly innovative tech, though I’m nowhere as cool in that respect as Iron Man.

Am I sexy? Do I have flowing locks or a transfixing stare or a ripped body? Am I black or white or somewhere in between? Am I rich or poor or middle-class? It doesn’t matter.

I can quote Shakespeare (whom I am not particularly fond of) and Rumi and Dickinson (Emily, for those who don’t know) and Angelou, while stopping criminal acts as they happen. (Often, the quotes are enough to make the perpetrators run away. Uncouth individuals!)

I can deliver a back kick that is a powerful deterrent to any future misdemeanours, and a graceful yet mighty uppercut.

My secret weapon is my long braid. It functions as a whip, or a lasso, or whatever else I can fashion out of it at a moment’s notice. (Yes, I use an amazing shampoo and conditioner, which shall remain secret like the KFC sauce mix. I also credit my weekly hot-oil scalp massage for the strength of my braid.)

Because of my ‘four eyes’, I also have the ability to discern when a person is making a mistake out of desperation, and when the cause of a crime is greed. Guess which one gets the harsher punishment.

And if you really piss me off, I will throw whatever I have in my hands at you, whether a basketball or a pair of knitting needles, with deadly accuracy.

What’s my back story? I’m no tortured soul a la Bruce Wayne, no experiment a la Bruce Banner, no demi-goddess a la Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman). I’m just a human being who saw things going wrong in the world and decided to right them.

I make mistakes, but I can honestly say that I get things right more often than I get them wrong. I have days when I am so eaten up by remorse, or bruised by combat with a villain, that I can’t move forward, or go to my day job. My bosses are cool: they call these ‘duvet days’.

My costume depends on the season. I believe in dressing for comfort, so none of that skin-tight leather nonsense for me. Being aerodynamic is important; being able to breathe even more so. I favour greens, blues, and browns. There are no letters on my clothing to proclaim who I am, because really, I’m Every Person. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo that says that.

Join me in the fight for a better world.


Thank you Commerce folk for your input (braid, basketball, nature)

Day 27: Write a summary of a match/game (cricket, football, etc.)