Day 49 100words100days Does gender matter? A series of tweets

143 words


1/6 Gender does matter to some people. That can’t be helped. The real question should be does it have to matter. I don’t think it should

2/6 except when a certain set of biological functions is necessary to perform a certain job, or for a certain skill. For instance, males can

3/6 lift heavier items than females can- generally speaking. Women can bear children. But does that make either one better at painting a wall, cooking a meal

4/6 or caring for a weaker member of the tribe? I don’t think so. My gender should not determine how I interact with others

5/6 or how they interact with me, how I do my job, or how I am perceived when doing my job. Male or female doesn’t matter. I’m a capable

6/6 person who can develop whatever skills I choose to. And that is where I drop the mic.


Day 50 *gasp* : write directions on how to repurpose something