Day 46 100words100days Favourite character from children’s lit.: Anne Shirley, her final days

240 words. Writing this was not easy. I love Anne Shirley, and even though I’ve read nearly everything she appears in, to me she is still the orphan at the train station clutching her carpetbag suitcase, eager to be. Her death- well, I’m glad L.M. Montgomery never wrote that. If she had it would have made it real. Do you have a favorite fictional character you couldn’t bear to have die?


It is a comfort that my life did not turn out to be quite the tragedy that I wanted it to be when I was a child. Such a flair for the dramatic as I had.

It has had its ups and downs, some beautiful moments filled with hope and happiness, and some bitter moments that nearly crushed my soul.

I’m so sorry to leave you, Gilbert. I see you standing by my bed, doing your best to look encouraging. Such a handsome man, though your curls are no longer dark. You mouth “Carrots”, and I try to smile. We’ve grown old together. I never would have guessed it were possible. I’ve been happy with you, Dr. Blythe. I can only pray that such long periods of domestic bliss are in the store for our children and grandchildren. I see them standing around too. My little kindred spirits. I have tried to do right by you always.

Goodness, how different the world is now from the one I came into. So many people gone, so much change wrought upon the unsuspecting.

I’m going to see Walter soon, and our baby girl. And my parents, and Marilla and Matthew. And Diana, and Ruby, and so many other friends and loved ones. It will be a homecoming designed by Providence.

Dear God, and dear mes in the mirror, thank You for being there for me. I hope Heaven is just like PEI.


Day 47: Make the Men in Black an organisation committed to gender equality.

Day 25 100words100days Retell a classic in words of one syllable

Ai caramba! Using words of one syllable only is HARD! It forces you to think of ways around the simplest multi-syllabic words, such as brother, sister, people. But what do you do about names?

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is one of my favorite reads. Apologies for making this wonderful story sound as dry as a bad translation! (151 words)


Young Anne lost her mum and dad when she was just a tot. She spent most of her life in homes where she worked hard, but was not loved a whole lot. But she could make up worlds in her mind in which her life was less of a pain.

She had red hair, which she didn’t like, and she loved to talk.

One day, she was sent to a farm to help the folk who lived there. They thought they would be sent a boy, but they got Anne in place of a boy. They soon chose to keep her.

Anne worked hard. She loved to read books and write small tales of her own. She did well in school, she made good friends and had to deal with the loss of a loved one.

She was not good all the time, but then no person in the world is.


Day 26: Build your own superhero(ine)