Day 73 100words100days write an ode to a commonplace object

O wonderful and omniscient smart phone!

I can count on you in my times of need

You are my comfort when I am alone

My troubles are dispersed by the light from your screen.

If I were so unlucky as to not have you

My life would be devoid of meaning

I would not remember what I have to do

Like paying bills and sending out greetings.

You aren’t that slim, but I don’t really mind

Because size doesn’t matter to me

You answered my call when I was in a bind-

That’s how I went from Samsung to LG.


Day 74: A series of limericks about 1st world problems

Day 23 100words100days Write about a social issue from home in free verse.

172 words. I couldn’t pick just one topic. There’s a lot about my country that worries me.


I’m from a land that is steeped in tradition,

A tea that has gone bitter from an infusion decades too long.

A civilization that’s survived for thousands of years,

We do not seem to want to thrive as a cohesive diverse group.

We will maintain the old ways! we thunder,

Clubbing over the head those who resist.

Do not preach to me of old ways, Guruji.

Some of the old ways are done for and yet you would cling to them:

Patriarchy, religious intolerance, moral policing.

Some of the old ways are worthy and yet you pay them no mind:

A love for nature, a welcoming society eager to learn, a stewardship of a nation.

You wish desperately for us not to -air quote- ape -end air quote- the West.

But your markers of progress are all market-based, just as in the First World

You want to join .

Dear India, to conclude- you get the same remarks as the rowdy kids:

“So much potential, not enough focus.” No air quotes this time.


Day 24 Fracture a fairytale

Day14 100words100days Write a sonnet or two

I cannot lie- this was tough. So tough that my brain decided it needed a day to process, which is why this post is a day overdue.

Phewy- 113 words that fit into a more-or-less pre-determined structure. I ended up using the Shakespearean sonnet’s rhyme structure (abab, cdcd, efef, gg). Determining feet was not my strongest takeaway from college, so it is possible I didn’t get the iambic pentameter quite right. I did try to have one perspective in the octet and the contrasting view in the sextet.

I am painfully aware that some of the rhymes are forced. Forgive me: it has been many moons since I last attempted structured poetry.

Read, but please don’t weep.

On days when I have nothing else to do

And e’en on days when I should know better

I find myself logging in to Facebook

And Instagram, and YouTube, and Twitter.

I let my soul be barraged by news feeds

And I feel pressured to like lots of posts.

My mind is cluttered with all that I read.

My eyes roll and throw daggers at each boast.

Social Media is a good way to know:

About those ideas that are worth spreading,

When babies I know have started to grow,

About memes that are currently trending,

When people I’m fond of are doing well ,

And with which of them I can be myself.


Day 15: Describe the nicest meal you’ve ever had (fiction/non-fiction)


Challenge. Accepted.

What challenge, you ask?

Oh, one that  is simple enough- to write every day for nearly a third of the year.

Ha ha, I hear you laugh, this isn’t difficult for you. You love writing, you say to me.

Indeed, I do. But loving it and doing it consistently are two different things. At least, they were. Till now.

From tomorrow (my last instance of procrastination), I am going to write and publish 100 words a day for 100 days.

That’s an expected total of 10000 words in a little over three months. It could be more, but may not be less.

I’ve put together a set of prompts, 98 of which I will pick out of a box at random. The other two are for fixed days: tomorrow’s and the final day (sometime in June). The topics are varied, and reflect the facets of my personality (cos, y’know, I’m rounded with facets). There will be prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction, opinion pieces (the subjective) and purely fact-based work (the objective).

If anyone out there wants to join me and challenge her/himself, please do! Here’s what I plan to do:

1. Write, edit and finally end up with at least 100 words on the day’s topic/prompt.

2. Post every day on this blog or the other.

3. Give myself at least 24 hours to work on each piece.

4. Repeat x 100

Who knows? I just might produce some exquisite literature or a most thought-provoking article.

For inspiration Inception-style, I’d like to credit the good folk at NaNoWriMo (the idea of a set time in which to write a set number of words) and Heidi, one of the organizers of the Dubai Writers’ Club (her prompts at Write-Ins inspired me to come up with some of my own)

Prompt for Day 1 of 100words100days: Write a story for a friend


I chose it because tomorrow just happens to be the birthday of one of my best friends. Let’s hope she likes whatever I come up with.