Day 21 100words100days Grease from Rizzo’s point of view

I’ve always liked Rizzo. She’s a tough cookie. 130-odd words.


Who is this blonde? Traipsing in here with her flouncy skirt, thinking she’s in love. Love. Ha! She doesn’t know these fellas like I do. I know that there’s only one thing they are interested in- their hair. And if there’s another thing, it’s girls. Not one girl. GIRLS.

Sure, I’ve been out with a couple of these clowns. So what? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Or in my case, a Pink Lady. I sure don’t act like a lady. And why should I? I don’t get anything by flouncing around in pastels. Black is good on me.

People think I’m mean. I’m not. I’m a realist.

Who cares if Danny wants to run around after whats-her-face? Let him. As long as she isn’t into Kenickie, I don’t care.


Day 22: Come up with 10-20 metaphors/similes/sayings about anger