Day 5 100words100days Write a sales script for a hair band

A 265-word kooky sales script. The best kind!

Good morning Sir. I see you have noticed our lovely hairbands. They are very nice to look at, aren’t they? And the quality is amazing.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about them. This lovely peacock blue one with the paisley print- that brand, Sir, is made in India by a community of women who were affected by the tsunami in 2004. This one over here- it is made of pure velvet, in a town called Velvetino in Italy. Feel it, Sir; see how soft it is. Oh, you want to take a look on your own? No problem, no problem.

(Three minutes later) May I ask, Sir, whom you are choosing a hairband for? Would it be for yourself, or for a friend…? Your teenage cousin? I see. Then Sir, may I recommend one of our water-resistant, shrink-proof hairbands with a lifetime guarantee on the elastic? You see, teenagers sweat much more than adults, so it’s better to go for something that can withstand the pressure. The range comes in quite a variety of colors, with several prints available. And if I’m not mistaken, there are a few pieces left with lyrics from the Most Recent Hit of the Latest Superstar In Music.

You want one? Sir, if you buy seven, you get the eighth one free. No, Sir, there is no offer if you buy only four, sorry.

So one hairband? Shall I gift-wrap it for you?

Yes, sir, if your cousin brings that receipt and the hairband back, we will be able to make an exchange.

Thank you, Sir. Come again.


What does Day 6 promise?

If Gulliver had had GPS.

Hmm. I sense an anachronism.