Day 43 100words100days Stream of consciousness of an author with writer’s block

194 words. Not quite so tortured as they should have been, but reasonably accurate (in my subjective opinion)


crap crap crap crap crapcrapccrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap

I’m so glad I don’t do this for a living OMG how can i even say that? i want to do this i want to i need to oh dear lord why won’t anything come into my head sit in front of the page they said write they said and now there is nothing and the idea has fled blown out of my head like so much dust God this place needs to be cleaned look how dirty it is where is that cloth

no. NO! no procrastinating. write now. NOW dammit!

Maybe just a little fb time first? NOOOOOnonononononononono

sigh. like psychedelic mary. bleeding heart because I cannot protect what I love

Wait. What????

MUST. WRITE. should totally make a sign that says that in like a curly cool handwriting-y font.

Research! yes, saving grace. I shall do some research. the follies of men inspire and the follies of women too.

Moliere. follies and misanthropy and men and women.

That plant needs to be watered.



write dammit. there once was a beautiful princess  dear god what nonsense is this?

Forget it. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Day 44: write a how-not-to, such as How not to become a bridesmaid