Day 59 100words100days a DIY project I would love to try

140 words


I would like to build a house.

I know that I already have one- or, to be more precise, my parents do, and it stands on ancestral land, which means I have at least a share of it.

The house I would like to build would not be quite like the one that my parents have built, or like the room my grandparents extended. It would be more like the one that my great-grandfolks lived in- thick walls made of mud and jaggery (I think), coconut beams and rafters covered with earthen tiles. And a beaten mud floor.

It wouldn’t be very large, of course. Just big enough for a few people. One window, and one door, of whatever hardy wood I can scavenge.

Electricity courtesy a solar-powered generator.

The Goan Tiny House.

Yes, I would like that very much.


Day 60: Put together a list-article

Day 51 100words100days Transitioning to a tiny home

178 words.

I tried a concrete article, i.e. I tried to shape my article like two tiny houses. I know it doesn’t make for very easy reading, but sometimes one must sacrifice utility in the name of research. Right?


In                      a                                                                                                  If you

tiny house you        can’t                                                                               want to join the tiny home

really fit a whole lot        of                                                                             revolution, you can build one of

stuff. But that is the whole point. You                                                      your own design, using your own labour

see, tiny houses work well for people                                                     and sourcing your own materials. Get rid

who are willing to live a minimalistic                                                       of everything that is unnecessary, and add

lifestyle. They are ideal habitation for                                                                                       on a couple of wheels

single people or couples, especially in                                                                                     so you can go  wher-

countries where people are accustomed to living in large homes, with several possessions.     ever you like, and take

all your stuff with you, like a snail setting out to see the world. Tiny homes are the antithesis to materialism. To live well in

one, you need to consider what is really worth your time, money and energy. Don’t assume that a tiny home means you

have to do without privacy, or sanitation, or even your pets. You just need to be a little innovative with your arrangements.


Day 52: write an apology (fiction/non-fiction)