Day 39 100words100days Turquoise

Turquoise – several things spring to mind: Native Americans, Tibetan jewellery, what is the difference between turquoise and aquamarine… And eggs.

166 words.


I was a tween in Goa when there was a summer storm that brought one of our guava trees crashing down.

The following day, we assessed the damage. The thunder had been loud; the lightning brilliant. There wasn’t too much to repair around the house: a few tiles had shifted, and metal sheets had to be refastened before the onset of the monsoon. Branches and coconut leaves had to be cleared away. The only real casualty, as far as we could see, was the guava tree.

That wasn’t entirely correct. What we didn’t know was that a pair of magpie robins had built a nest in a hollow in that tree. The female had laid her clutch of eggs, turquoise shells speckled with brown. One of these had rolled out and lay hidden in the weeds. I might have adopted it. (A mistake, I now know.)

From what I remember, neither of the two remaining eggs hatched either. I think a snake got to them. Poor modvonns!


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