Day 60 100words100days Put together a list-article

The Monty List. 118 words for the dearest blond doggie in the world.


1. The best toys are sometimes the simplest ones. Like a stick. Especially a stick you are not supposed to play with.

2. Food is amazing. And everything is food. Therefore, everything is amazing.

3. If you feed me, water me, walk me and pet me, I am yours. Here is my paw. On your foot. *pant pant*

4. I go with everything, therefore everything is my throne. See my fur fly!

5. I am forever young. It’s all in the way you run and throw yourself at people.

6.  The language that is the easiest to understand is the only way we communicate. If you think it’s love, you don’t know me. It’s food. Feed me. Here’s my paw. On your foot. Again.


Day 61: Describe the worst meal you have ever had (fiction/non-fiction)